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Life is a journey with many paths


Hi my name is Karyn and I am a Sydney based creative. I have been discovering the world of Handmade for over 8 years now and this adventure has taken me in many directions. My passions have brought me to love home decor and finding ways to make them beautiful yet still have a quirky side to them.

Being a mum it’s important to me that the items I purchase are durable and will last. I aim to create products that bright and fun but wil also last the tests of children, I am inspired by the world around me and love bright colours. It is the process of creating that makes each of my items unique.

I work with limited runs of fabric designs and each clock is made to order, this makes them special and not something you will see in everyone’s homes. Creating custom work is important to me so if you like what you see but feel you need your own twist to it please let me know.

Hope you enjoy the colour of my products.